A roll of sod is 24" x 48" or 8 square feet.

On average a roll of sod weight 32 to 40 lbs.

There are 70 rolls on a pallet.

There are 560 square feet on a pallet.

Each roll = 8 square feet.

Measure the area to be sodded and divide by 8. This will tell you the number of rolls needed to cover the area to be sodded.

We produce two varieties. Eco-Turf and Sun and Shade. Our Eco-turf is a blend of improved varieties of bluegrass. Sun & Shade is a mixture of bluegrass and tall fescue.

Bluegrass is ideally suited for the semi-arid climate of Colorado. It is both heat and cold tolerant, recuperates from heavy traffic, and very drought resistant.

ScienTurfic Eco-Turf is a cool season grass that is suited for high elevations, cool nighttime temperatures, and cold winters will do best in the Colorado climate.

Most lawns are over watered. With proper soil preparation and good lawn care practices, bluegrass lawns need far less water than most homeowners use on them.

Buffalo grass is a warm season grass that does use much less water than traditional lawns. It only stays green 3 to 4 months of the year when temperatures are high. It does not tolerate foot traffic and is best used in outlying areas.

Most of the new Bluegrass hybrids being developed are now drought resistant, as well as heat and cold tolerant.

Texas Bluegrass is a Bluegrass hybrid developed in the Southern U.S. to be heat tolerant and drought resistant.

Initial costs of seeding a lawn are less. However consider costs for watering, weed control, and overall maintenance seeding will cost more than sodding.

Native grasses are those varieties found growing on the prairies of Eastern Colorado.

Cool season grasses are those that are suited for climates with cool nights and cold winters, like here in Colorado.

With dogs, a grass that tolerates heavy foot traffic such as Bluegrass is best, but unfortunately there is no particular kind of grass that holds up long-term to the daily wear and tear of dogs.

Most athletic fields use a Blend of Bluegrass Hybrids that hold up to high foot traffic and heavy use.