Over 60 Sod
Pickup Locations

Pickup our sod at any of these convenient locations
including Home Depot, O’Toole’s, Pioneer,
Lowe’s, and ScienTurfic outlets.

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Eco-Turf Sod

Eco-Turf sod is a hybrid bluegrass blend specially grown
for Colorado. Eco-Turf sod is drought, disease, and
cold tolerant maintaining a deep green color.

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Sun & Shade Sod

Sun and Shade is a mix of fescue and bluegrass made
for Colorado. This mix provides resistance to drought,
shade, disease, and high traffic areas.

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Farm Fresh Sod

ScienTurfic Sod has provided the highest quality
farm fresh sod in Denver, Boulder, and
northern Colorado for over fifty years.

Our turf grass varieties are specially blended
for Colorado and the greater Denver area to
provide a thick and green lawn with superior
drought and disease resistance.


Our special formula fertilizer provides the necessary nutrients for lawn, which promotes growth, color, density, roots for plant vigor, resistence to stress and cold hardiness, and greening.

One bag of ScienTurfic fertilizer contains 37% more nutrients than our competitors even in a smaller bag.

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Sod Delivery

Our farm fresh sod is delivered on
pallets directly to the customer site.
Schedule a delivery time when
placing your sod order.

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Sod Installation

Our professional installers provide
cutout, removal, organics, rototilling,
raking, delivery and laying of new
sod for a beautiful new lawn.

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Enjoy your new lawn.

Once your lawn is installed, it is time to enjoy your new lawn. Whether it be times with family, friends, barb-b-que, or just relaxing, a ScienTurfic lawn makes great memories.

In order to keep your lawn looking green and lush, we provide sod resources online to answer questions about watering, mowing, fertilizing, and many other lawn care tips.

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