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Sodding Colorado for 50+ years.

ScienTurfic grows farm fresh Eco-Turf and Sun and Shade sod, which is drought tolerant and disease resistent and blended specifically for Colorado. Get your sod at one of our 60+ pickup locations throughout the Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins area or have your sod delivered or installed.

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Hybrid bluegrass blend that is drought, disease, and cold tolerant.

Sun & Shade

Special blend that is resistant to drought, shade, and high traffic areas.

Sod delivery

Sod Delivery

Our farm fresh sod is delivered directly on pallets to the customer site.

Sod installation

Sod Installation

Our professional installers provide our customers a beautiful new lawn.

60+ Sod Pickup Locations

Sod pickup locations

Pickup our sod at any of these convenient locations including Home Depot, O’Toole’s, Lowe’s, Big Toolbox, and ScienTurfic outlets.

High Nutrient

ScienTurfic Fertilizer

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