Eco-Turf Sod

Perfect for home lawns, parks, and athletic fields.

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What is Eco-Turf?

ScienTurfic’s Eco-Turf is a blend of 3-5 varieties of hybrid bluegrass specially grown for the Colorado. Eco-Turf is a thick dense turf that is adapted for drought and cold tolerance and also tolerates high traffic areas. Eco-Turf maintains a deep green color and has a leaf texture that is fine to medium.


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Our formulated bluegrass blends.

In consultation with seed growers and universities, Eco-Turf Sod was developed as a proprietary mix of bluegrass varieties.

  • Dense, durable turf
  • Superior sod strength
  • Drought tolerant
  • Disease & Insect Resistant
  • Deep green color
  • Blue grass blend

Great for playing,high traffic.

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Drought tolerant.

Eco-Turf is a proprietary blend of the newest hybrid grasses specially blended to be drought tolerant.

Once established, Eco-Turf can better endure drought conditions with only minimal amounts of water to keep the rhizomes and crown alive.

Unlike other grasses which can die out, Eco-Turf will adapt to drought stresses and heat by going dormant until more favorable growing conditions return.

Our roots make the difference.

One of the biggest advantages of Eco-Turf is its extensive rooting and rhizomatous structure.

Rhizomes are underground roots that allow the plant to repair itself quickly and survive through prolonged periods of stress.

They also allow it to knit and present a dense and plentiful turf.

Benefits for the environment.

As the region’s environmentally-friendly turf grass blend, Eco-Turf provides many benefits to the environment.

  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Releases oxygen into the air
  • Contributes to landscape health
  • Controls pollution
  • Mitigates the heat island effect
  • Interacts with the ecosystem
  • Cools the temperature
  • Replenishes the water supply
  • Reduces soil erosion