Saving and Conserving Colorado Water

ScienTurfic Sod strives to produce an environmentally responsible turfgrass while retaining the benefits of a natural lawn. One simple way to save water is to install our Tahoma 31 bermudagrass, which requires 60-70% less water.

Water Your Lawn 60% Less Often.

With Tahoma 31, you will be able to water your lawn less often. When and how long should you water Tahoma 31?

Once established, Tahoma 31 can be watered every 3-4 days for as little as 5-10 min a day. You can water with an above or below ground sprinkler for a beautiful, lush, and natural lawn.

Save 50% on Your Water Bill.

Do you want to save 50% off your outdoor water bill? Tahoma 31 is #1 in water savings among other bermuda grasses requiring 60-70% less water.

For most people, Tahoma 31 will lower their outdoor water bill by hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year.

60% less water,Lush, soft, green

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Tahoma 31 - a Low Water Grass

Tahoma 31 is a low water grass that is a beautiful alternative to artifical turf or buffalo grass. It is the best grass for low water in Colorado because of how the Tahoma 31 root system retains water.

Tahoma 31 is also the perfect complement to Xeriscape and can be the centerpiece of a beautiful, low water lawn.

Tahoma 31 is drought tolerant

Tahoma 31 not only takes less water compared to other warm and cold-season grasses, it also has a unique tolerance to drought.

For example, in extreme conditions, Tahoma 31 can survive up to 60 days with no water at all. It will just go dormant. Once water is applied after this period, the bermuda grass will green back up.