Sod Installation

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Sod Installation
Sod Installation

Benefits of Professional Installation

Our professional installation service provides the convenience and expertise when installing your new lawn. ScienTurfic Sod provides removal and disposing services, delivery of organics and sod, ground preparation with organics and rototilling, gradings and sub-grading, and the laying of our farm fresh sod on a final grade.

Services Provided

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Option #2
Option #3

Removing & Disposing of Old Sod

Included in this option is the removal of old sod either by using a sod cutter or by hand and disposed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Delivering, Spreading, Rototilling of Organics

Organics are provided and delivered to the site. Crews then spread 4 cubic yards of organics per 1,000 sq ft rototilled into the soil.

Establishing a Rough Grade

Once the organics are spread and rototilled, our crews then establish a rough grade without altering the contractor grade

Sub-Grading Around Edges

Our crews then sub-grade 1 ½ inches around any sidewalks, curbs and gutters

Leveling and Final Rake

Our crews then level and rake to establish the final base for the sod.

Delivering of Sod to Location

Our farm fresh sod is then delivered to the location and unloaded by our crews.

Laying Sod on the Finished Base


Our crews then skillfully install sod on the finished base.
Ground Preparation
Laying of Sod

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Ask Question

Is your sod fresh cut?

All ScienTurfic sod is cut fresh every day for pickup and delivery.

Will you install my sod for me?

Yes. We offer full sod installation services. Our crews can also provide soil preparation activities as well.

How do I measure the area I want to sod?

For help in measuring your area for sod go to our Resource page and look for our Measuring Tips guide.

What is the best time of year to install new sod?

Spring and fall are excellent times to install new sod. However, it may be installed any time during the year when water is available and the ground can be worked.

Can I install sod during the winter?

Yes, as long as the ground is not frozen and can be worked, sod can be cut in the field, and water is available to water the new sod.

Will I need a watering permit to install my sod?

It is best to check with your local Municipality or water provider as to current watering permits or restrictions.