Sod Installation FAQs


Sod Installation

Yes. Start from the bottom of the slope and work your way up and if necessary use sod staples to stake the sod into the ground to prevent sliding.

Sod can be installed any time during the summer.

Yes, as long as the ground is not frozen and can be worked, sod can be cut in the field, and water is available to water the new sod.

All our fields are inspected by the Colorado Department of Agriculture on a yearly basis.

Yes, but all sod needs a certain amount of sun each day. Thinning out tree limbs maybe necessary to allow enough sun to filter through.

It is best to postpone installation until the area has dried out.

Yes. We offer full sod installation services. Our crews can also provide soil preparation activities as well.

For help in measuring your area for sod go to our sod calculator to help find the square feet needed for your new lawn.

Spring and fall are excellent times to install new sod. However, it may be installed any time during the year when water is available and the ground can be worked.

We sell direct to homeowners as well as to contractors.

It is best to check with your local municipality or water provider as to current watering permits or restrictions.