New Lawn Guides

Once your new lawn is installed, you should immediately start watering for 10 to 12 days as the roots knit to the soil. Your watering should penetrate the ground 4 to 6 inches so that a long screwdriver should easily go into the ground.

Immediately after the sod is laid, begin watering all sodded areas. Schedule watering to assure the sod is constantly wet and water penetrates the soil 4 to 6 inches. This should continue for 10 to 12 days until roots knit sod to the soil. The sod layer can easily dehydrate before roots are formed and severe damage can occur to your new lawn. Foot printing and/or the grass blades turning a blue-gray color indicate your sod is under dehydration stress and should be watered.

Your first mowing after a new lawn installation should be after the sod has had time to knit with the soil. Make sure to mow diagonally to the way the sod was laid with an initial 2 1/4" height on the mower.

Not just the appearance, but of more importance, the general health and vigor of the lawn is contingent on a good mowing routine. Only a sharp, properly adjusted mower set to a minimum of 2 1/4" in height should be used.

Your first mowing should be after the sod has had time to knit with the soil. During rapid growing times it may be necessary to let the sod dry enough to permit mowing during the 10 to 12 day period.

A new lawn installation from ScienTurfic Sod is already fertilized. However, you should continue to use Scienturfic Fertilzier four times a year to keep you lawn green, lush, and healthy.

After the initial fertilization, ScienTurfic Fertilizer should be applied as directed on the back of the bag during the months of April, June, August and October using a cyclone-type spreader.

Sweep all concrete areas that may have been pelleted with fertilizer before watering. Be sure to water thoroughly after each fertilizer application.