Growing grass scientifically


It began over 40 yrs ago with a pair of schoolteachers and an idea; a vision to grow a perfect grass scientifically. This was the beginning of Scien-Turfic Sod, a Colorado sod farm that continues to produce turf grasses for those who demand quality. As the most widely recognized grower of turf grasses in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region, ScienTurfic has been growing great lawns for over 4 decades with its environmentally friendly and drought resistant blends of hybrid grasses.


Not just any ordinary sod


At first glance all sod looks alike, but Scien-Turfic sod is not just any ordinary sod.

Grass seed is one of the most important factors in growing a quality sod. Seed selections are done with great care. Seed varieties are tested for drought resistance, vigorous growth, color, density, and disease and insect resistance.  Adaptability for the regions climatic conditions including extreme temperature variations is a major factor in seed selection. In a region without abundant rainfall, water requirements become extremely important. New and improved seed varieties are selected each year to produce exceptional grass seed blends.


Our roots make the difference


It's one thing to plant the best grass seed and another to grow the best grass. It all starts with proper soil preparation in the fields to establish optimum growing conditions. Seeding, fertilizing, mowing, watering, weed control, must all be done at the right time to ensure the growing cycle is not interrupted. Particular attention is paid to root growth. Development of a strong root system is the key to growing great lawns.


Grass grown in Colorado for Colorado


Consultation with seed growers and universities over the years has produced proprietary blends of hybrid grasses that have been grown and developed specifically for the Colorado climate with it's warm sunny days, cool nights, and often harsh winters. Ongoing research and testing has continued to produce improved varieties with superior strength and lower water requirements. The result is a premium turf grass grown in Colorado for Colorado.


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