Our Farm

Where does our sod come from?

ScienTurfic grows farm fresh sod that is cut daily and delivered throughout the Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins area. After the grass has matured, our harvesters cut the sod into rolls, which are then placed on pallets. Once a pallet is full, our forklifts move the sod to our awaiting delivery trucks. From there, the sod is delivered to homes, businesses, and our 60+ sod pickup locations.

Farm fresh sodis cut daily.

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Harvesting the sod.

Sod is a plant that has an extensive root system. To preserve this root system along with the turfgrass, our high-tech harvesters cut the sod just beneath the soil.

Once cut, the sod is moved along a conveyor belt where it is automatically rolled up by our harvester. Each of these rolls are then assembled in preparation to be stacked on a pallet.

Stacking sod on a pallet.

Once the sod is assembled in a series of rolls, a spiked arm of the harvester picks up the rolls and places them on the pallet.

Once the pallet is full, the pallet of sod is lowered to the ground where it is transported by forklift to our awaiting trucks.

Forklifts pick up full pallets of sod.

Once our sod is harvested, rolled up, and placed on pallets, our forklifts pick up the pallet of sod in the field.

Pallets are loaded on our awaitng trucks.

Once the pallet is moved from our fields, it is then placed on our awaiting trucks ready for delivery.

Fresh cut sod delivered daily.

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Daily sod deliveries.

Our goal at ScienTurfic is to provide farm fresh sod straight from our farm directly to your home or business.

Our farmers take pride in ensuring that our sod turfgrass is cut fresh and delivered quickly to your location.

Our trucks are ready to deliver.

Our trucks are on standby to deliver our farm fresh sod directly to your location. Each truck has side curtains to help minimize exposure to wind, which would otherwise dry out the sod.

Our trucks then deliver the fresh sod directly to your home, business, or to one of our 60+ pickup locations across the Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins area.

Our sod is farm fresh.

ScienTurfic Eco-Turf Sod and Sun & Shade Sod is cut daily from our sod farm and delivered fresh to our customers. Our farm is also strategically located in the Denver area so that you can get your new lawn installed quickly.