Sun & Shade Sod

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Sun and Shade is a mix of fescue and bluegrass specially for
Colorado. This mix provides resistance to drought, shade,
disease, and high traffic areas.Buy

What is Sun & Shade?

ScienTurfic’s Sun and Shade is hybrid fescues and bluegrasses specially blended for Colorado.

By combining fescue and bluegrass, this mix provides greater resistance to drought, shade, and disease.

Sun and Shade maintains a deep green color that does well in both sun and shade while tolerating high traffic areas.

Our formulated
bluegrass & fescue blends.

In consultation with seed growers and universities, Sun &
Shade was developed as a proprietary mix of bluegrass
varieties and fescue.

Extensive roots with rhizomes.

One of the biggest advantages of Sun & Shade is its extensive rooting structure that is enhanced by adding fescue with rhizomes.

Rhizomes are underground roots that allow the plant to quickly repair itself. Unlike older varieties, our mix contains rhizome characteristics and has a fibrous root system.

The roots of these new mixes can grow to a depth of several inches taking in moisture most rooted grasses cannot reach.

Specifically grown for Colorado.

Sun & Shade bluegrass and fescue mixtures are specially blended for both sun and shade for the Colorado climate and provides excellent tolerance of the harsh cold winters.

Sun & Shade is also blended to adapt to the various types of soils in the region. This blend is able to grow in both clay and sandy soils.

Water saving benefits.

Sun & Shade is a proprietary mix of the newest bluegrass and fescue varieties specially blended to be drought tolerant.

Because of its vast root system, Sun & Shade has tremendous water saving benefits.

Once established, Sun & Shade can better endure drought conditions because of its extensive root system provided the soil is properly prepared allowing deep root penetration.

Benefits for
the environment.

As the region’s environmentally-friendly turf grass
mix, Sun & Shade provides a number of
environmental benefits.

Great for shade and relaxation.

Sun & Shade is most commonly used on home lawns, parks, under shady trees, near bushes, in cemeteries, and along streets and sidewalks because of its ability to withstand sun, shade, and high traffic areas.

Sun & Shade also provides a natural, comfortable, and durable surface for play and relaxation.

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