Sod Delivery

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Have our farm fresh sod delivered directly to your residential or
commercial location. Our delivery team with schedule a time where we
can delivery sod on pallets using our on-site forklift.

Benefits of
sod delivery.

Once sod is harvested, it is important to have it delivered promptly to the customer. Our sod delivery service delivers sod directly to the client site.

Unlike picking up sod yourself, our delivered sod is unloaded on pallets and distributed around the customer site. Also, for larger orders there is no need to make multiple trips.

Sod delivery services.

Our farm fresh sod is delivered to the customer side at one time,
unloaded on pallets, distributed around the site, which can easily
be moved later.

Sod is cut fresh
at our Colorado farm.

Our sod is grown and cut locally to provide the greatest freshness.
Our harvestors cut sod daily to be loaded for quick delivery.

Sod is loaded on our
trucks for delivery.

Our professional farm staff move the sod pallets from the fields to
our awaiting semi and short trucks for delivery.

Sod is delivered to the
customer site.

Our driver delivers sod to the customer site with the sod protected
during trasport by the use of hanging curtains.

Sod is unloaded
on pallets.

On the back of each deliver truck, there is a mobile fork lift or
“spider” that unloads the sod from our trucks.

Pallets of sod are
distributed around site.

As long as the spot is accessible, our fork lift driver will distrubte
the sod around the site at the customer’s request.

All the sod can be
delivered at one time.

A semi-truck can handle 18 pallets and multiple trucks can be
used, so we make it possible to have all sod delivered at one time.