Benefits of Sod

ScienTurfic Provides Green

Don Schlup

For 50 years, ScienTurfic Sod has provided over 10,000 acres of sod grass to the Denver communities. We take our lawns for granted without understanding the tremendous benefits grass provides.

Most residents recognize we live in a semi-arid community of 10-14 inches of rainfall per year. In the early days, the Denver area was prairie grasses, sage brush, and yucca with an occasional tree along the streams. As people moved to the area, they wanted GREEN - trees and lawns.

We are proud of tree-lined streets, well-landscaped homes, with emerald green lawns, parks, and sports fields. People like to relax in their back yards as children play on the soft grass.

A healthy, well-kept lawn enhances your enjoyment of your home. At the same time, it increases the value of your property and the esthetics of your neighborhood. An attractive lawn sends a signal to buyers that the home is well-maintained.

Most people want some of their landscape to be accented by lush green grass. We at ScienTurfic Sod are proud to be a part of making the Denver area GREENER.