Benefits of Sod

ScienTurfic Protects the Environment

Don Schlup

ScienTurfic Sod provides marvelous environmental benefits.

Oxygen Provider

Grass plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen. A 2,500 square foot lawn will produce enough oxygen for a family of four.

Oxygen Provider

Grass helps to keep you cool. Street or sidewalks may reach 100 degrees, but the grass remains at 75 degrees. Lawn make the world cooler, quieter, and form a perfect place to play.

Soil Saver

Grass controls erosion by knitting the soil together, trapping runoff water, and eliminating problems caused by dust and mud.

Air Cleaner

If you ever walked through a dry, unplanted construction site on a windy day, you have some idea of what life would be like without healthy lawns. Grass is an effective air cleaner. Every year grass traps tons of dust.

Pollution Fighter

Grass blades and roots absorb hundreds of pounds of pollutants from the air. We at ScienTurfic Sod are proud to produce a sod that is beneficial to the environment. Turfgrass provides pleasure and adds value to your home and community.