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A New Lawn Increases the Value of Your Home

Mark Leonard

Focusing on exterior renovations like landscaping may well be the best way to increase a home's value. Enhancing "curb appeal" can really help a property stand out and add to its resale value.

The initial impressions that a potential buyer makes as they drive by a property for the first time can be very important. What they see in those first few moments can potentially determine how they perceive the entire property.

One of the easiest and most effective landscape renovations is the installation of a new lawn. Removing that neglected, worn out lawn and replacing it with a beautiful new lawn can make a great first impression and really help showcase your property.

If you prefer to leave the clippings on your lawn, mulching mowers chop the clippings into small pieces that quickly disappear. The key to getting clippings to break down, even with the mulching mowers, is to mow often enough that clippings don't build up on the surface.

Landscaping can make a tremendous difference to the appearance of a property. University studies show that consumers valued a landscaped home up to 11 percent higher than its base price. A Money magazine survey reported that landscape improvements have a recovery value of 100 to 200 percent and can add significantly to a home’s perceived value. 

Installation of a new lawn is an investment that can often produce big returns and you don’t need to spend a fortune to do it. A lawn renovation can be completed in just a few days and produce a dramatic transformation of the entire property.