Preparation is the key to installing a new lawn. To grow a great lawn you will need to optimize on site growing conditions. The soil must be prepped and made ready for sod. Sprinkler systems need to be tested and heads adjusted. Don’t make the sod wait to be installed, have everything on site ready before the sod arrives. Use this checklist for a smooth and successful new lawn installation.        




1.  Rototill existing ground

Rototill existing soil 4 to 6 " deep


2.  Add organic matter

Add 3 cu yds of Organics per 1,000 sq ft of area to be sodded and rototill in


3.  Final rake

Remove all rocks and debris from area to be sodded and rake   

smooth. Eliminate all high and low spots


4.  Sub grade along walks and driveways

Cut down soil 1 1/2 " deep along sidewalks and driveways


5. Test sprinkler system before installing new sod

Test for leaks. Make sure all heads are operating. Check to make sure all areas receive adequate coverage


6. Water prepared soil

Water prepared soil until wet 2 to 3" deep 48 hours prior to installing sod


7. Don't make the sod wait

Install sod the same day it is delivered


8. Laying of new sod

Install sod in manner similar to bricks, staggering rows and pulling rolls tight, careful to not leave gaps between rolls


9. Watering

Begin watering immediately after sod is laid. Continue watering until soil is wet 4 to 6" deep. Keep sod constantly wet for 10 to 12 days or until roots knit to soil


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