Sod Pallet Truck

Sod is a highly perishable product. It needs to be installed the same day it is delivered. Sod can not be stored waiting to be placed in the landscape along with other landscape materials such as rock or mulch. Leaving delivered sod to sit on pallets all day in the hot sun or sitting overnight before installation is a recipe for disaster.

After the sod is harvested and placed on pallets for delivery, it must then survive on moisture left in the plant. It can dry out very quickly, sometimes becoming very dry during transport on hot, windy and dry days. Once the sod dries out or is exposed to very high temperatures it can become dehydrated. At this point  it is very difficult to bring back and could be lost.

If left rolled up in the hot sun for long periods of time, sod will begin to overheat from the center of the rolls due to existing moisture and lack of oxygen. The sod will start to turn yellow and literally cook from the inside out. If installed in this condition the edges and ends of some rolls, and even whole rolls will become discolored. The final sod installation will appear to be a patchwork of many colors. The survival of the affected sod is highly unlikely.

Before ordering sod for delivery, make certain all soil preparations are finished and the site is ready for sod. If not, delay delivery of the sod until the next day. You can wait one more day, your new sod can't.