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How long do I need to stay off the new sod?

It is best to wait a few weeks until the new sod has firmly rooted into the ground.

Do I need to water it right away?

Immediately after the sod is installed begin watering all sodded areas.

How do I water my new sod?

Immediately after the sod is laid, begin watering all sodded areas. Schedule watering to assure the sod is constantly wet and water penetrates the soil 4 to 6 inches. This should continue for 10 to 12 days until the roots knit to the soil. The sod layer can easily dehydrate before roots are formed and severe damage can occurs to your new lawn. Foot printing and/or the grass blades turning a blue-gray color indicate you sod is under dehydration stress and should be watered.

When should I first mow?

We recommend you mow your grass at about 2¼ inches high. If your grass needs mowing stop watering long enough to allow the ground to be firm enough to mow and then begin watering again after mowing. The first mowing of a newly laid sod should be after the sod has had time to knit with the soil.  During the rapid growing times it may be necessary to let the sod dry enough to permit mowing during the 10 to 12 days after installation.   The first few mowings should be done with a rotary mower diagonal to the way the sod is laid.  Since the length of the grass clippings maybe 1” to 1½” long, it is best to pick these up.

Can I over water my new sod?

Yes. It is just as harmful as under watering.

Can I let my dogs out on the new sod?

It is best to keep dogs off your new sod for the first two weeks or until it becomes attached to the soil.

I don't have a sprinkler system can I water new sod by hand?

Yes. We suggest you use a sprinkler head that keeps the water low to the ground and the area is limited to a size that can be watered in a day.