Sod Installation

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Have one of our professional teams install our farm fresh sod at your
location. Our installation packages includes delivery, cut-out, disposal,
ground prep, and sod installation.

Benefits of professional sod installation.

Our professional installation service provides the convenience and expertise when installing your new lawn.

ScienTurfic Sod provides removal and disposing services, delivery of organics and sod, ground preparation with organics and rototilling, gradings and sub-grading, and the laying of our farm fresh sod on a final grade.

Sod Installation packages.

ScienTurfic Sod offers three installation packages ranging from
delivered sod that is installed on a previously finished base, all the way
to a full sod cut-out and removal, ground preparation with organics, sub-
grading, leveling, raking, and installation of our farm fresh sod.

Removal and disposal
of old sod.

Sod cut-out

Included in this option is the removal
of old sod either by using a sod cutter
or by hand.

Sod removal and disposal

Our professional installers then
dispose of the sod in an environmentally
friendly manner.

Delivery and spreading
of organics.

Delivery of organics

Organics are delivered to
the location and placed evenly around
the installation site.

Spreading organics

Crews then spread 4 cubic
yards of organics per 1,000 sq. ft.
of the soil.

Rototilling and raking
a rough grade.

Rototilling in organics

Our crews then rototill in the organics
into the soil in order to prepare the proper
nutrients for the new lawn.

Raking a rough grade

Our professional installers then begin
the process of leveling the soil by raking
a rough grade.

Sub-grading around
lawn edges.

Creating a lawn edge

Our crews then sub-grade 1 1/2
inches around any sidewalks, curbs,
and gutters.

Sub-grading around edge

Sub-grading allows our installers to
create a seemless edge between the lawn
and surrounding landscaping.

Leveling ground and
final rake.

Leveling the soil

Our professional crews then level
the soil in order to establish the final
base for the sod.

Final rake

The final rake allows our crews to
remove any remaining clots of soil or rocks
before the sod is laid.

Delivering of sod
to the location.

Sod delivery

Our sod is then delivered to the
location directly from our farm where it
is cut fresh daily.

Sod unloading

Our professional drivers unload the
sod and help place the sod in the
installation area.

Laying sod on
a finished base.

Laying sod

Our crews then skillfully install sod
on the finished base by rolling out our
fully mature sod.

Trimming sod

Our professional installers also trim
the sod around sidewalks, trees, and sprinkler
systems to perfectly fit your yard.